ReynoldsTech Fabricators

ReynoldsTech offers its customers a complete compliment of plastic and metal fabricating capabilities. With over 40 years of operation and state of the art manufacturing technology we bring our services to the pharmaceutical, nanofabrication, electronic, institutional and general manufacturing sectors. We offer our services for both fabrication and installation/renovation to a wide range of clients. ReynoldsTech brings to each and everyone an understanding of what it means from an owner prospective to have a project completed with quality, craftsmanship, and service.

Custom Fabrication

ReynoldsTech offers  a wide variety of customized alloy metal and thermoplastic fabrication using state of the art fabrication equipment.

Fume Hoods & Wet Benches

ReynoldsTech is proud to have supplied a number of government, university, and production facilities with a compliment of custom wet benches and fume hoods.

Air & Exhaust Handling

ReynoldsTech takes care of all your air handling needs. A few products we offer are LAF Units, pass through cabinetry, and desiccator cabinets.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

ReynoldsTech offers a compliment of equipment for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Products include pass-throughs, glove boxes, barrier isolation, and WIP transfer carts.

Lab/Cleanroom Casework

ReynoldsTech prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for your clean room needs. This includes chemical transport carts, clean room tables, garment storage racks, and even change room benches.

Chemical/Waste Management

From on board 1 gal. waste collects to standalone 55 gal. drum waste collect units to chemical distribution system integrations, ReynoldsTech has all your chemical management needs covered.

Custom Fabrication Solutions

Why choose ReynoldsTech?

We at ReynoldsTech have projects ranging from one day to one year, one hood to twenty hoods, and manual operation to fully-automated robotics. Regardless of its size, ReynoldsTech brings to each job an understanding of what it means, from an owner's perspective, to have a project completed with quality, craftsmanship, and most of all service.

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