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Laboratory and

Cleanroom Furniture

To complement our other product items as well as to support our philosophy of a "Complete Systems Approach," ReynoldsTech offers a wide range of laboratory/clean room accessories and furniture in both standard and custom sizes.

In recognizing the varied needs of our customers, we are able to offer our furniture in a wide range of materials. Therefore our equipment is able to be manufactured to comply with the most stringent requirements and harshest of environments. The following is a list of some of the items which we offer:

  • Acid and Solvent Storage Cabinets

  • Process Fume Hoods

  • Cleanroom Work Tables, Tables, and Carts (Standard or Anti-Static)

  • Laminar Air Flow (LAF) Stations

  • Desiccator Storage Cabinets (Perforated Floors and Nitrogen Purge)

  • Glove Boxes

  • Solvent and Acid Transport Carts

  • Perforated Work Surfaces

  • Hot Plate Towers

  • Pass-Through Cabinetry

  • Vented Chemical Storage Lockers (Acids and Solvents)

  • Change Area Benches and Storage Cabinets

  • HCU Units

  • Hot Plates

Hot Plate Tower
Desicator Storage Unit (N2 Purged, Anti-Static)
Plastic Glove Box
Mini Desicator Cabinet
Custom HCU
Custom Hot Plate
Custom Clean Room Cabinetry
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