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ReynoldsTech offers a complete complement of tooling for your plating/metal deposition process needs. Our design/build services allow us to bring to our users not only standard configurations but a full range of custom process systems. Our systems are available from simple manual units to fully automatic multi-tasking units operating in a mini-environment. All of our plating systems can be equipped with a graphical user interface unit for a more sophisticated process control.

Supported Processes

ReynoldsTech develops plating cells and systems for both Single Wafer Processing or Batch Immersion Processing. Our plating systems are available in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic versions and support:

  • Electrochemical Plating​

  • Electroless Plating

  • Metal Deposition

  • TSV Plating

  • Surface Preparation

  • Periodic Reverse Pulse Plating

  • Copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, tin, gold, palladium, etc.

Process Equipment

ReynoldsTech also offers a complete complement of equipment that can be purchased as a stand-alone piece or can be integrated into a custom-built wet bench. If purchased as an individual piece of equipment, a unit can be equipped with optional controls, sensors, or screens as required for easy installation into an existing system. Examples of the equipment offered by ReynoldsTech are as follows:

  • Plating Cells

  • Custom Built Cathodic Fixturing – contact point fixtures and 360* contact ring fixtures for backside protection

  • Custom Anodes

  • Ionic Replenishment Wiper Assemblies

  • Ionic Replenishment Sparger Assemblies

  • Preparation Tooling

  • Automatic Spray/Rinse Systems

  • Liquid-Liquid Heating Elements

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