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Glove Boxes and Isolators

Lab Glove Boxes are meant for use in situations where either product isolation and or operator isolation from the product is required. Glove Boxes can be used in situations where a product must be protected from normal atmosphere via purging of the product environment with nitrogen, argon, or other inert gases.


Each and every Glove Box application is unique. At ReynoldsTech, we understand that the materials required, the design, OELs, ergonomics and the end goals to be achieved are all special to each application and each owner.  Our design expertise in construction, air handling technology, understanding of industrial hygiene issues and modeling expertise allow us to produce for our users innovative and outstanding solutions to critical and difficult Glove Box and Isolator projects.

Features and Offerings

ReynoldsTech has a wide array of offerings and features when it comes to their custom Glove Boxes:

  • Isolation Glove Boxes (Product Isolation)​

  • Containment Glove Boxes (Operator Isolation)

  • Combination Containment and Isolation Glove Boxes (Product and Operator Isolation)

  • Portable/Tabletop Configurations

  • Free-Standing Support Frame Configurations

  • Anti-Chamber Load Stations

  • Anti-Chamber Pack Off Station Capability

  • Sanitary Welds for Cleanability

  • Wipe Down or Spray Ball Cleaning Configurations

  • Filtered/Non-Filtered Exhaust

  • Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, etc. Purges

  • Stainless Steel or Plastic Constructions

  • Ducted and Non-Ducted Configurations

  • Tempered Safety Glass or Acrylic

  • Custom Sizing Available

  • Exhaust HEPA Filtrations

  • Ergonomic Designs

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