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ReynoldsTech offers a wide variety of custom fabrications and design build services for our clients in the pharmaceutical and life sciences. We are a full service design and manufacturing facility offering design/build systems from a customer specification or complete turn-key systems from a conceptual design.

Glove Boxes and Barrier Isolation:

At ReynoldsTech, we bring our design expertise in construction, air handling technology, and understanding of industrial hygiene issues to produce for our clients what we feel are some very innovative solutions to critical and difficult glove box and isolation projects.

Material Handling Equipment:

The safe and proper handling of production and pre-production product is always an important issue at every pharmaceutical and bio-pharm facility. Constraints due to ergonomics, facility sizing, quantities to handle/store, etc. are all issues which must be defined and addressed on a case-by-case basis. ReynoldsTech will look at these issues in total reviewing with our customers their requirements vs. fabrication design so that we can bring to them what they envision for their material handling needs. Our expertise allows us to fabricate for customers providing products ranging from OSD's to parenterals to topicals. Some of these products include:

  • Autoclave carts

  • HEPA transfer carts

  • WIP transfer cats

  • Oven drying and transfer equipment

Air Handling and Environmental Control:

Available are a range of systems for providing both laminar flow clean air exhaust and return air handling, cleaning, and filtration compliant with the latest CGMP standards. Applications may require temperature and/or humidity control and these may be incorporated into our equipment as per our customer's needs. Some of our clean air products offerings:

  • Laminar Flow Booths

  • Incoming Product Sampling Areas

  • Laminar Flow Enclosures (free standing or floor supported)

  • Mobile HEPA Exhaust Filtration Systems

  • Fan Filter Modules

Fume Control

Many facilities involved  with manufacturing on a research or production level will require fume control enclosures. We offer these as either standard or custom items and are able to fabricate from almost any material which provides our customers an added degree of customization not offered by other companies. Our fume control products include:

  • Laminar Flow Booths (roto-vap control, glass reactor isolation, mixing)

  • Standard Duct Fume Hoods (acid and solvent applications)

  • Ventless Fume Hoods (weigh scale enclosures, product subdivision)

Powder Control

Powder control for the pharmaceutical industry involves a knowledge and experience base in air movement and conveying, capture velocities, filtration of supply and exhaust air, and CGMP requirements involving clean-ability and cross contamination issues. We use our knowledge in these areas in combination with our experience in industrial hygiene to deliever a full complement of products for our OSD clients, those filling reactor vessels, and those in need of product sampling and large scale dry product division. ReynoldsTech's offerings for powder control include:

  • Dispensing Booths

  • Product Sampling Enclosures

  • Process Off-Load Booths

  • Batch Charging Enclosures

  • Granulation and Milling Enclosures

Chemical Process Vessels 

The stringent requirements of building items to be used in a CGMP manufacturing environment and the attention to detail needed when building a pressure vessel requires a host of items and commitment to the project that most companies cannot offer. ReynoldsTech brings not only an expertise based on 40 years metal fabrication, but we are able to couple that with our high purity chemical, powder and fluid handling expertise which has allowed us to be of repeated service to major companies throughout the world. Given our combined expertise with both mechanical and electrical systems, we offer not only stand alone vessel fabrications, but complete skid mounted systems for applications involving CIP, Fractation, Fermentation, Blending and Mixing, Homogenizing, and Emulsification.

Pharmaceutical &

Life Sciences

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